This accommodation exudes an open atmosphere and offers a nice balance between modern comfort and simplicity of the region. The country house is homey and comfortable with a nice swimming pool, view and healthy meals.

El Paraje in the Alpujarras, On the southern flanks and plains of the Sierra Nevada, lies between the mountains and the coastal region. This makes it a perfect basis to undertake various activities in the area.

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The play between the abundance and the scarcity of water has been the shaping element on which culture has developed here. Ice-carriers, bathhouses, balnearios, hammam, the fountains in the Pueblos Blancos, the jugs and the wine.


The roads and paths have been formed around the natural presence or absence of water. This has delayed the culture in the Alpujarras and seems to be lagging behind, and it is also an area where inspiration can be gained for the future. By analogy, we work on our mental health with this theme. The development around the actual sources of inspiration and spiritual nourishment.



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