This is also a beautiful and special location. You stay in a former mountain monastery. As you would expect from a monastery, you will not find superfluous luxury, but attractive, simple rooms.

Decorated as a small village, this accommodation has a swimming pool, a beautiful garden, an excellent restaurant and a nice lounge with a bar.

Alquería de Morayma is located against the Sierra de la Contraviesa, a lower mountain area just south of the Sierra Nevada. The area is known for its viticulture and olive harvest. It is close to the south coast, so a dip in the high seas is always a refreshing option.

Extra information

Natural materials, simple housing, low population; both difficult and inspiring for modern people. A struggle between dependence, bondage and the need for release and independence and luxury. The strong contrast between day and night, strong shadow formation, a clear view of the starry sky, it gives us the chance to understand what many of our sublimated needs come from. A place with dualism; always vistas, and confrontation with what is close and binding.



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