Therapy in Spain, a short holiday towards a new comfort zone.

Get rid of the daily grind. Something totally different. Other people around you, a different environment and really paying attention to yourself. Your self-development is central. From relaxing, both physically and mentally. The Travel & Therapy arrangements are made for that. What does it include?

*A midweek or weekend program. You can choose between a weekend (Friday to Monday, or a week (Monday to Friday). If available, individual arrangements are possible.


Therapy sessions.

Sessions of three hours a day are standard with this package. In this way there is enough room to get to the heart of the challenge, but you can also relax to give a place to what we have discussed.

If you choose a long weekend, then you have two sessions of three hours each. A midweek has three sessions of 3 three hours each. Here too, there is a possibility to plan more or longer sessions


The prices are rough indications to give you some idea of your costs. In general, you will find the possibility to both lower your costs significantly or make more expenses if you want top locations (we also have a business-class arrangement).

Three overnight stays (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) with breakfast. Two therapy sessions, in total six hours, to be arranged in mutual agreement, two follow up e-consultations, in total two hours, valuable for one year after the program: Around € 1150  excluding VAT, depending on the season and personal accommodations.


Four overnight stays (Monday till Friday) Three therapy sessions in total nine hours to be structured in mutual agreement. Three follow up e-consultations, in total three hours, valuable for two years after the program: Around € 1550 excluding VAT, depending on the season and personal accommodations.


>> After all travel arrangements the first online consultation will be reimbursed; 85 euro will be subtracted from the total price of any arrangement of your choice.



Accommodation, a small guide.

You choose one of the three locations, which each have a different atmosphere. If you do not feel attracted by any of these three locations, we will look together at another suitable location in the area.



This accommodation exudes an open atmosphere and offers a nice balance between modern comfort and simplicity of the region. The country house is homey and comfortable with a nice swimming pool, view and healthy meals. Click on the photo or the button to read more.

This is also a beautiful and special location. You stay in a former mountain monastery. As you would expect from a monastery, you will not find superfluous luxury, but attractive, simple rooms. Click on the photo or the button to read more.

This is a stay in a very unique accommodation. You sleep in a cave! These caves were once part of a traditional farmhouse, but have been transformed into beautiful rooms. Click on the photo or the button to read more.

grotwoningen in spanje


Activities and cultural events.

Flamenco in Casa Juana
Flamenco in Casa Juana

Of course therapy in Spain, a short holiday  consists not only of therapy sessions. At the location of the various accommodations there are various possibilities in terms of activities. From really active and sporty to calm and relaxing. Also special cultural attractions, as the surprising  flamenco artists at Casa Juana, raw and authentic, it is a spectacle you will remember. After all, it is important that you have enough space in addition to the therapy sessions to allow everything to sink in.


Follow up by e-consulting

This package does not end when you return home. Of course we assume that you go home with a new mindset, but to hold on to this, the packages includes follow up e-consults. These can be claimed when you desire, so that together we can ensure that you can enjoy your renewed self for a long time.

Subscribe for one of the programs.

Each program includes  accommodation, therapy sessions and follow up e-consults. Not included are flights and transport, meals (unless indicated otherwise in the offers!), Costs of extra activities.

Have you become enthusiastic about this arrangement and do you think this can help you? Then quickly click on the button below and submit the request!

From now on you can again book travel arrangements in advance, but keep the government travel regulations in mind. For journeys that cannot take place because of covid 19 we do, of course, not charge any costs.



Basílica de Santa María de los Reales Alcázares. Úbeda, provincia Jaén.

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