Towards a broader comfort zone in search for a harmonic voice

A short holiday in Spain to immerse yourself In an inspiring environment and focus on exploring your potential beyond the obvious. We make your self-development the focus of our attention while you can relax, both physically and mentally, reinvestigating your genuine attachment to life and how you relate to others.   


Travel & Therapy arrangements:

Midweek or weekend*

–Therapy sessions


Follow-up e-consults

*A midweek or weekend program. You can choose between a weekend (Friday to Monday, or a week (Monday to Friday). If available, individual arrangements are possible.


Therapy sessions.

Sessions of three hours with small breaks are standard with this package. In this way, there is plenty of scope to get to the heart of your narrative, with enough time for leisure and reflection.

If you choose a long weekend, you have two sessions of three hours each. A midweek has three sessions of three hours each. It is always possibility to plan more or longer sessions

Read here about follow up e-consults.



Accommodation, a small guide.

You can select one of the three proposed locations. Each has a different atmosphere. If you wish another location, we can help with finding a suitable one for you in the area. There are many great options. If you have your own location you can off course still apply for therapy.



This accommodation exudes an open atmosphere and offers a nice balance between modern comfort and simplicity of the region. The country house is homey and comfortable with a nice swimming pool, view and healthy meals. Click on the button to read more.

This is also a beautiful and special location. You stay in a former mountain monastery. As you would expect from a monastery, you will not find superfluous luxury, but attractive, simple rooms. Click on the button to read more.

This is a stay in a very unique accommodation. You sleep in a cave! These caves were once part of a traditional farmhouse, but have been transformed into beautiful rooms. Click on the button to read more.


Subscribe to one of the programs.

Click on the button below to submit a request! Specify your time schedule and preferences.

A rough estimate of the costs.

To give you some idea of your costs. (In general, you will find the possibility to both lower your costs significantly or make more expenses if you want top locations like our business-class arrangement).

Three overnight stays (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) with breakfast. Two therapy sessions, in total six hours, to be arranged in mutual agreement, two follow up e-consultations, in total two hours, valuable for one year after the program: Around € 1150  excl. VAT,

Four overnight stays (Monday till Friday) Three therapy sessions in total nine hours to be structured in mutual agreement. Three follow up e-consultations, in total three hours, valuable for two years after the program: Around € 1550 excl. VAT.

When booking a travel arrangement the first online consultation will be reimbursed;  € 85 will be subtracted from the total sum of any arrangement of your choice.

From now on you can again book travel arrangements in advance, but keep the government travel regulations in mind. For booked journeys that cannot take place because of covid-19 we do, of course, not charge any costs.



Banner: Constantin Brancusi (1876-1957) Paris atelier after his death.

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