Back on Track 2024

Laujar de Andarax
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Back on Track 2024

Back on track 2024
For 2024, the travel and therapy low-budget personalized offer will be dedicated to walking.   
Laujar de Andarax
On the southern slopes of the impressive Sierra Nevada, a

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  We live in difficult times and that affects our mood. In daily language, we refer to this as having negative emotions or being too emotional. But

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  The forgotten love.

Procrastination is the soul rebelling against entrapment. Nassim Taleb.
A story of procrastination Imagine a boy who does not succeed in doing his homework because there is

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Chess and therapy

Similarities in chess and therapy. Often I have been asked if I use my passion for chess in my work as a therapeutic doctor. And also added -mostly before I could answer- the

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Alhambra by night, view for therapy for high performers by travel and therapy
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Therapy for high-performers

  Introduction To develop an adapted therapy for high-performers and fast decision-makers we assess the differences in locations and dynamics between high-performers and fast decision-makers (HPFD in this article) and therapy. Based on these

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Václav Havel on autonomy

Individual therapy is never an individual matter. The state of society and the world are inextricably linked and essential elements of the context

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Anxiety and Panic. A unique chance for therapy?

A search for the ego  

A question
Have you fully resolved your anxiety and/or panic issues? Has your therapy been deeply satisfying? Because let us be frank,

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Burnout, addressing the individual cause

Behind every burnout, there is a personal and intimate story.
We are so adept at adapting, conforming, playing roles, or even, in case of emergency, keeping up the appearance that it is strange

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