Insomnia is, apart from some relatively rare cases, not a medical matter. The vast majority of insomnia occurs in healthy people. Insomnia is usually the result of continued worrying, of an overly alert body and an overly alert mind. The so-called sleeping medication is, therefore, in fact, a sedative. A common improvement of people who do therapy is that they sleep better, even if it was not their main complaint. People with insomnia have something to tell, we expose the salience of sleeplessness in a mythological mirror.


When Morpheus breaks up with you…

When Morpheus*, the god of sleep, breaks up with you and your desperate tries to woo him ultimately fail, you inevitably start to look for help. You will look up the innumerable causes why Morpheus does not want to slip in your bed or when he does why he sneaks out in the middle of the night, even though previously he seemed quite pleased with you. 


Do you sweat, do you snore or are your legs restless? Did you eat or drink too much, is the room too hot, Does your heart palpitate, do you stop breathing and wake up with a bang, are you worried, and can’t you take your mind off other affairs? We all know Morpheus does not like that, he is well known to be capricious and jealous. Are you on your mobile or do you continuously watch the clock, these modern gadgets are things that Morpheus hates. Did you take a plane out of your timezone, that is a good way to shake Morpheus off, he is only winged and cannot keep up. 

Morpheus is waiting for you

But then we all know Morpheus’ weak point; finally, he is a god, and his desire to possess every mortal is insatiable, so he also wants to be with you. Relation therapy then? A sleep-lab? I fear you do not know the wimps of the gods, they will never get tricked by mortals. No, Morpheus wants to see you wail and complain, to suffer and beg. After all, he had a divine reason to break up. He wants you to acknowledge and yield. He wants you to admit and repent.

Tell your story

The good news is; that we  “travel and therapy” can help you with that. We know how to listen. We know where Morpheus is waiting for you, come to our Mediterranean resorts… close to where the Gods lived.


* The mythological tradition considers the god Somnus ** (son of Nyx, the goddess of the night ) the god of sleep. Morpheus is his son appearing in human form but since the Middle Ages we in general associate Morpheus with sleep **Hypnos in the Greek tradition. 


Illustration: Painting; Sir William Ernest  Reynolds-Stephens (1862-1943 ) In the arms of Morpheus  1894.