Earth is fed up with being Mother Earth

In this post, we consider the new role of individual therapy in a rapidly changing world in which questions about the risk of human behavior for the world we depend on, are raised.


The end of the cradle?

For a long time, we could experience the earth as a beautiful stable cradle where we could use all the displayed goods according to our own imagination, we could exploit the land and if we did not enough we exploited new land, we transformed natural structures in a way that benefited our needs and at times we were happily cruel for each other, after all, we lived on mother earth. But just like our own mothers, Mother Earth has her limits and this limit seems to have been reached now. How do we deal with the entanglement we have with Mother Earth now that she is in danger of becoming exhausted? The Anthropocene (age of the new man) now has to evolve from the playing and self-centered adolescence phase to adulthood. We will inevitably realize that we are active parts of the dynamic geological context.


A new world

This ‘Anthropocene’ question is being researched in various disciplines and I would like to bring to your attention that in psychology and hence in therapy the exhaustion of Mother Earth plays an important role. As a befriended psychiatrist recently told me, the role of the psychiatrist is to make the patient ‘return’ to the world. But a more pressing question has arisen; with what attitude do I return to a faltering world if I am involved in the current events?


Towards a new therapy

In Travel and Therapy, we want to be forerunners in the idea that therapy should no longer only benefit the patient. We want to see therapy as an investigation of the interactive skills in the unity of body, thoughts, biological- and geological reality. We want to let the mind travel outside the ego and give the talents a larger playing field, and thus contribute to the responsibility of the coming of age of the children of mother earth who now take part in the care of the weakened and aging mother. The mind can evolve into an active function part of the world rather than an ego that thrives on a stable ecosystem.

Therefore therapy at Travel and Therapy is not an endless meditation on your true self and how good and mindful you can feel with yourself, but an appeal to your responsibility for a world that turns out not to be as inert as we thought. In addition, you can travel with Travel and Therapy in your mind and do green therapy by arranging your consultations online from home.

Our experience is that the broader you set your challenge, the more chance you have that one or more of your talents will flourish and as a result the more you will be inspiring for your relatives and maybe even beyond.


Gaea the Earth, Athenian red-figure kylix C5th B.C., Antikensammlung Berlin