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Part 1: Ten introductory themes.

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What are we made of?

We will ask this question three times. Each time you have to identify a more complex level. For the first round identify a basic level.

For the first round identify a basic level. Name the science that studies this level. Elaborate on an important law of this science for humans.

Hints round 1 juego online

A possible Answer for Round 1

On the most basic level we are matter.
Matter is studied by physics.
We are subjected to all laws applying to matter, a most remarkable one is the law of gravitation.

What are we made of?
After concluding that we are
made of matter, delve deeper
into that, what matter?
And which science studies
that matter? What are the
laws concerned?

ROUND 2 Diego rivera detail

We are biological matter.
Main science biology.
One very noticeable characteristic is reproductivity.

Sample answer round 2 online game


If we assume that we consist of matter (basic level) and are part of the living beings(second level) what then is the third level of complexity that characterizes humans.
Which sciences investigate this level? Mention some characteristic laws.
Who said "Human all too human"? mixipixiart

Sample answer round 3

The complexity of our central
nervous system and everything
that emerges from it.
(Fluctuating) self-awareness is
probably the hallmark of humans.
All sciences are concerned.
Human all too human - Nietzsche

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What are the basic units of our brain?
What is their scientific name?
Give a description of their function.
How do they communicate?

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For many thinkers, man does not only consist of matter.
What names are there for non-material conceptions?
What is the name of a philosophical movement that meditates on this?
Name a characteristic feature of this philosophy.

travelandtherapy online game greek art


According to recent findings, the hippo is a close relative of the w....
Which science is involved and which theory?
What about humans according to this theory?

travelandtherapy online game greek art


We think the hippo is related to the whale.
To come to that conclusion, we follow logical reasoning.
Name a few types of reasoning.
And which famous book is this illustration from?

travelandtherapy online game greek art

ROUND 8 (difficult!)

Alright then, we use induction and deduction to draw conclusions, but how does Moby Dick reason?
And can we do this too?
And who was the first to name this kind of inference?

travelandtherapy online game greek art


Which book, publication, blog, philosopher, poem, painting... has given you the deepest insight into the phenomenon of time.
Give a brief summary of your find.

travelandtherapy online game greek art


About sustainability:
What does this term evoke in you?
Why is it actual and important?
Elaborate on the role of human beings compared to that of animals when we think of sustainability.

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