Your e-consult as a mental journey…

The three steps of e-consulting:

  • Curiosity
  • Challenge
  • Choices

First step: Curiosity

With an e-consulting session, you communicate directly with me from the comfort of your own home. By sharing something about yourself, this can be anything and I will listen to you. When you share, you give verbal recognition to yourself, but you also begin to listen to be more in touch with yourself. You have to take the first step.

Usually, when you have an e-consultation with a doctor, you need to have a concise and well-formulated question or request to save time. However, that is not the path to mental and emotional health. My method takes into account that your journey needs to take place at your own speed, within your own space and comfort. It is not your clock time, but your personal experience of time that determines the pace of your growth.

When you start e-consulting with me, it simply means that you call me to share what you want at your own pace. Together we will create the space to begin healing. You can fill that space with anything that has affected you mentally or emotionally. From barely noticeable nuances to dominating issues such as fears or depression. For my part, I will listen carefully to you to understand and empathize with what you want to share. Within time, I will identify recurring themes and issues and help you navigate them

No worries if you don’t know where or how to start. All you need to do is start talking and I will help you tell your story.  Often the results are different than what you might have thought, but all the more instructive.


Second step: Challenge

Here I will answer by expressing what and how I hear you. This might be a difficult moment for you. That’s no problem. Emotion is never wrong.  Together we will work on this so that you feel comfortable sharing your story and challenges. I will act as your guide on this journey.


Third step: Choices

Your mental landscape will be the territory of your journey. While you describe the landscape, I will give you feedback about what I see through your description. I can also tell you what I think and ask you questions about your feelings.

This landscape can be both your past, your future, and your dreams as well as your everyday reality. Talking about this can lead to unexpected moments that can reveal and explain confusing feelings and thoughts which previously were not noticed I will be there to guide you through your landscape and ultimately guide you to your inner self. This process is therapy (from terapein, ancient Greek, “taking care of”)

For example, things that are familiar to you can suddenly feel very strange when you show them to someone else. This gives you the opportunity to see these familiar intimate things in a new light.

 Surprises and Discoveries

This is the most beautiful part of therapy for many people, but sometimes it can also be confronting. You will find that you experience different new thoughts and insights and you will generate new feelings about yourself. The ultimate goal of my therapy is to develop your unique creativity and to find a strong anchor to manifest yourself in the world.

From the third step onwards, the journey will differ greatly between people. Therapy is a unique experience and different for everyone. After a few thousand consultations I still have to experience deja vu. Therapy is strongly tied to yourself and therefore therapy is also something that you cannot read about in a book but must undergo to understand.

Together we will continue the journey step by step until you reach your final goal.


Illustration: Detail from a watercolour by Camille Pissarro, Caracas, Venezuela, 1854.