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Hi there, welcome and thank you for being interested to contact doctor François Weber for travel and therapy activities. For all other consultations please go to his official website.

We are pleased to receive any request, question or remark from you. It will be our pleasure to answer your mail as soon as possible. If François Weber himself is not available one of our assistants will answer your mail anyway. If you are hesitant at the last moment (a common occurrence when dealing with therapeutic issues) take your time to review our site, see below the mail form, where for your convenience several options are presented, otherwise use the menu. If you do not want to use the form just write your own mail and address it to


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Abadía del Sacromonte in Granada. “Travel and Therapy” is located in the province of Granada on the south flanks of the Sierra Nevada. Apart from online consulting, we offer therapy arrangements in wonderful locations on the Mediterranean sea, in Almeria, in the famous Alpujarras, the desert of Gorafe near the geopark, troglodyte cities around Guadix, and in palaces in Granada near the world-famous Alhambra.



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