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Václav Havel on autonomy

Individual therapy is never an individual matter. The state of society and the world are inextricably linked and essential elements of the context

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Anxiety and Panic. A unique chance for therapy?

A search for the ego  

A question
Have you fully resolved your anxiety and/or panic issues? Has your therapy been deeply satisfying? Because let us be frank,

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The manifestations of consciousness in therapy

The therapy lab in a nutshell
We are going to explore how consciousness shapes our experiences into a story. This story manifests in several ways, namely:
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Burnout, addressing the individual cause

Behind every burnout, there is a personal and intimate story.
We are so adept at adapting, conforming, playing roles, or even, in case of emergency, keeping up the appearance that it is strange

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The vicinities


The Andalusian inland is an area characterized by tranquillity. The country is extremely sparsely populated, there is little industry and the preservation of many traditional crafts gives the age-old Arab, Jewish, and

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