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Chess and therapy

Similarities in chess and therapy. Often I have been asked if I use my passion for chess in my work as a therapeutic doctor. And also added -mostly before I could answer- the

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Alhambra by night, view for therapy for high performers by travel and therapy
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Therapy for high-performers

  Introduction To develop an adapted therapy for high-performers and fast decision-makers we assess the differences in locations and dynamics between high-performers and fast decision-makers (HPFD in this article) and therapy. Based on these

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Gaea goddess of the earth Athenian 5th BC
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Earth is fed up with being mother earth

Earth is fed up with being Mother Earth
In this post, we consider the new role of individual therapy in a rapidly changing world in which questions about the risk of human behaviour

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Insomnia, when Morpheus breaks up with you…

Insomnia is, apart from some relatively rare cases, not a medical matter. The vast majority of insomnia occurs in healthy people. Insomnia is usually the result of continued worrying, of an overly

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The role of childhood sensations in adult memory functions.

"And I couldn't help but wonder what the hell kind of a homeland this was, what exactly were we fighting for. It may sound strange, but talking to the other soldiers, I

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Chronic pain


The particular properties of chronic pain versus acute pain.
Anyone with chronic pain and anyone who lives with someone with chronic pain quickly learns the peculiarities and far-reaching consequences of chronic pain. Acute pain

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Václav Havel on autonomy

Individual therapy is never an individual matter. The state of society and the world are inextricably linked and essential elements of the context

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Anxiety and Panic. A unique chance for therapy?

A search for the ego  

A question
Have you fully resolved your anxiety and/or panic issues? Has your therapy been deeply satisfying? Because let us be frank,

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The manifestations of consciousness in therapy

The therapy lab in a nutshell
We are going to explore how consciousness shapes our experiences into a story. This story manifests in several ways, namely:
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Burnout, addressing the individual cause

Behind every burnout, there is a personal and intimate story.
We are so adept at adapting, conforming, playing roles or even, in case of emergency, keeping up the appearance that it is strange

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