The Andalusian inland is an area characterized by tranquillity. The country is extremely sparsely populated, there is little industry and the preservation of many traditional crafts gives the age-old Arab, Jewish, and Christian culture a chance to reveal some of its old lusters to modern man.

Both in the cities and in the country you feel a certain restraint in Andalusia, it is as if there is still some doubt as to whether the great progress is the right way.



The Andalusian person takes a lot of time for others; friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues, clubmates … everyone seems to have plenty of time to talk, eat together, and enjoy extensive drinks and tapas. Although this makes it seem as if no work is being done for foreigners, that is not the case. Andalusians work hard, and the work always comes to an end, but they don’t seem to want to be forced into the background.

The person with his social life is simply paramount; If necessary, catch up with the others until very late if there was no time earlier in the day. Breakfast around ten o’clock is soon over half an hour and lunch with a siesta between two and five gives the hard worker enough rest, distraction, and pleasure to be able to continue until half-past ten, also knowing that there are still many hours to extensively go through life again.



One of the striking differences with most busy European cities is that people in Andalusia take the time to look at others. In the beginning, it often takes some getting used to, that direct look in your eyes, but in the long run, it is reassuring. I see you and you see me … it is a mutual confirmation of existence.



The landscape is in many places of enchanting beauty. Various mountain ranges cross Andalusia, many nature reserves are treated with respect and the famous Spanish coast is not mass tourism everywhere. The Cabo de Gata nature park, for example, is dotted with beaches where almost no one can be seen. Isleta del Moro, a small headland is liked by divers.


Geology and astronomy

Recently a unique amount of megalithic buildings and petroglyphs have been found in the semi-desert of Gorafe, where you can enter prehistory with your feet. On the Calar Alto, there is an observatory and astronomers regularly visit the villages equipped with telescopes to explain the stars and planets. All the lights go out and the view is spectacular. (Fundacion A lesser-known but also good reason to like Gorafe is the very traditional flamenco singing and dancing performances on Saturday night in Casa Juana, Anna and Patrick provide a delicious meal before the performance and the invocation of the “Duende”.


Granada Alhambra

And then, of course, there is Granada. Life is pleasantly busy there, but the evening/ nightlife of Granada is so relaxed and animated that it is almost impossible to get to bed early. During the day there is a lot of art and culture to see,  unnoticed you may walk for many kilometers so that the culinary delight of the extensive comida at two o’clock is very welcome!


Sports and activities

Hiking, up to 3400 meters high (senderismo), running trails, horseback riding, cycling (the Vuelta de España passes through here), mountain climbing, Barranquilla, caving, parapenting, kayaking (piragüismo); there are many ways to combine these hobbies. Less sporty but very enjoyable is also driving around by car is a great pleasure, there is hardly any traffic! Renting off-road vehicles (with a driver) makes the weather a little more exciting.

Andalusia offers many possibilities for photography or film. Famous films such as Doctor Zhivago and Lawrence of Arabia have been partially shot here. The landscape is still a favourite for filmmakers (like the TV series: The black mirror) There is a nice photo museum in Almería.

Andalusia is also known for its short (one or two days or even one-night) chess tournaments.



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