In the beginning; Medical study

After studying medicine in Leiden my career started in a clinic for revalidating elderly people. How to live humanly when the body functions less optimally? To this day that question still occupies me. Following this interest in vital energy and its interpretation in different cultures through the times, I attended postgraduate education in Paris at the Ecole Française d ‘Acupuncture attached the CHU Bichat University Hospital and l’Institut Ricci of the faculté de jésuite de Paris, where studies in classical Chinese texts supported the research into acupuncture. I also found this conection between human culture and scientific research at the R.U. Groningen where, in collaboration with the University of traditional Chinese medicine in Shanghai, neurophysiology and acupuncture were studied in the form of a seminar. Closer to European culture, the idea of ​​vital energy is also reflected in homeopathy. That is why I finally completed homeopathy training for MD’s at in Wageningen and in many seminars at home and abroad, where I regularly acted as a speaker. Recently (2017) I followed the  CRA (controlling advisory doctor for elderly care) course at the KU Leuven.

Investigative years, a busy practice and voyaging through alternatives.

Thanks to these studies, I also became aware of the historical gaps between science and cultural heritage. Both in acupuncture and in homeopathy, these gaps evoke not only rationality but also rigidity in us .

After studying in Paris, where I also did private consultations, I settled as a consultative doctor in Delft. In ‘The Blue House’ filled with the very concrete life energy of our small children, I work with passion in a practice that I want to give as much as possible the character of the ‘old’ village doctor. A doctor who knows his patients especially well as a human being, who can intervene medically or refer them when necessary, but who mainly provides support on a daily basis the small and large life problems.

In these years I have started to delve into alternatives even more. Partly suggested by patients, partly because of  the need not to medicalise life’s difficulties. I have done this by following different schools, such as: alexander technique, osteopathy, hypnosis and therapeutic applications of martial arts, group work, narrative therapy, embodiment, inner child work, stress management, and spiritual development. In addition I participated in study groups in Paris investigating interfaces between these disciplines. This enables me, to my great pleasure, to be able to help people not only in a rigorous, scientific way but also as creatively and innovatively  when appropriate.


The idea slowly emerged that all these directions, with their hermetic approaches, would never resolve the controversies in our modern society. Which led to the idea that both acceptance and rejection could sometimes find common ground in the functioning of our consciousness.

Synthesis, moving to Spain  alternative landscape but scientific precision

Moving with my family to a country house in the Sierra Nevada in Spain yurned out to be a choice that has brought us a lot of benefit in both personally and professionally. This rural community  allowed us to be a more present as parents and to have significantly more time to read and write in addition to patient care.

In my texts you will often find to the idea of ​​ the ‘extended mind’. This concept that our thinking and consciousness are part of systems and structures that are not exclusively located inside our heads. This idea fits with modern neurophysiological research. Awareness research shows the way to make large obstacles simpler, smaller and manageable. During therapy, these insights provide practical tools to work flexibly and in a person-orientated manner. This means that you do not have to addapt to the convictions of a particular school or doctrine. The nice thing about consciousness research is that it goes hand in hand with philosophical and social developments. This enables us to look at challenges in a creative and effective way, which completes the cycle in third generation therapies.
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