You want an inquiry into your life. A reflection on your thoughts, feelings and way of living.


When something is wrong

You feel that something is wrong, and time is not healing this. You are missing an essential part; this could be a feeling of having lost something along the way; or a growing anxiety that you are not living up to your potential.

You have reached the point that you want to undertake action. You want to engage and deal with this problem because it is impeding your quality of life. The difficult part is you don’t exactly know where to start. You cannot yet formulate your problem clearly enough to feel comfortable calling a specialist, you are not even sure if they can help you. Nonetheless, you would like to discuss your problems with someone since on your own you have not been able to successfully put them behind you.

What can you do about it?

First, this is something we all struggle with. Life is difficult. Our emotional and psychological experiences follow one after the other, without us being able to examine and deal with all of them. They build up. Sometimes to negative effects. They can hamper us in our wellbeing and achieving our goals. We usually don’t even notice when they are related.

Second, you have already taken the first and most important step: Starting a search for a professional who can listen to you and help you with evaluating and understanding your difficulties

Analyzing ourselves can be a very difficult enterprise. On the one hand, we know ourselves best. No one has been there at every point of your life and lived every experience of that live except you. Therefore, you know your own narrative like no other person. On the other hand, this also puts you in the most difficult position to gain perspective on your life. You are always looking out from that internal viewpoint that makes looking inward a tricky thing to do. Here having someone who can listen and help you with evaluating and understanding your difficulties can be a considerable step forward.


Why talking helps:

Through conversation you will be able to not only share your story, which has therapeutic effects in and of itself, but it will reveal patterns and allow to analyze what mental blocks are holding you back.


Why a professional?

Seeing a professional means that you talk to someone who takes the time to listen to your story and assists you in finding the negative patterns and helping you in healing them. The key features of a professional are knowledge, pattern recognition and a comprehensive way to introduce you in methods how to change and adapt patterns.


What you can expect:

-A doctor (MD) with over thirty years experience, with both conventional and alternative methods.

-Ample knowledge about the functioning of the mind.

-Knowledge will be applied with utmost care and respect for your state of mind at any given moment.

-In-depth focus on what you consider problematic.

-Always enough time for you to clarify what you want to share

A comprehensive method that takes you into account as a person. In-depth focus on what you consider problematic and the ways out offered through psychological, medical and social insights.

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What are your options:

You can opt for occasional contact when you need it (e-consulting), you may want a more structured approach, sessions on a regular basis and with a fixed duration online (e-therapy) or we can explore the possibilities whether you can benefit from an intensive short term  therapy In Andalusia, if you so desire. (See more here)

What next?

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