Do you want a change in your life?  Consider a therapeutic stay in Andalusia for a reflection on your thoughts, feelings, and way of living. Or start directly with online consultations from your home.


You want a change.

You want a change in your life but it is not coming naturally. You are missing an essential part, a feeling of having lost something along the way or a growing awareness that you are not living up to your potential. If you have reached that point and you want to undertake action to enhance your quality of life, we offer to help, here in Andalusia or online.  You will be able to tell your story beyond the obvious.  


Meet a listener.

François Weber takes the time to listen to your story and encourages you to elaborate on key details. In the interview, you will be met with empathy and understanding. What you consider important will be the focus of the consultation. 



Your options.

  • You can opt for occasional contact when you need it (e-consulting) –
  • Or you may want a more structured approach, sessions on a regular basis and with a fixed duration online (e-therapy).
  • Finally, you can explore the possibilities whether you can benefit from an intensive short term  therapy In Andalusia, if you so desire. (See more here). Do you want to read about therapy? Here a list of a few good reads.

From now on you can again book travel arrangements in advance, but keep in mind the government travel regulations. For journeys that cannot take place because of covid 19 we do, of course, not charge any costs.

For therapeutic travel arrangements we offer a free intake online or by phone.

Google,Media support for online therapy:  WhatsApp, Zoom, Facetime, Skype, Signal or by phone.





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