Individual therapy and coaching with François Weber MD for reflections on your thoughts, feelings, and way of living.

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Mission statement:

Travel and Therapy is a site I have started after thirty years of clinical experience and talking to patients. The goal is simple; to get to the core of what the therapeutic consultation is and what it has to offer. This comes after the realization that everyone has unique experiences and that reviewing them brings their potential benefits to light.

Personal support:

If you want a change in your life but it is not coming naturally. You might miss the awareness of an essential part, or experience the feeling of having lost something along the way, or a growing awareness that you are not living up to your potential. If you have reached that point and you want to undertake action to enhance your quality of life, we offer to help, here in Andalusia or online.  You will be able to tell your story beyond the obvious.  

Meet a listener.

François takes the time needed to listen to your story and encourages you to elaborate on key details. In the interview, you will be met with empathy and understanding. What you consider important will be the focus of the consultation. 


Your options:

As a private client:




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For editorials and blog posts go to the blog. The banner is a photo of a historic representation of Cervantes’ Numancia in the Théâtre Antoine in Paris 1937.

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Banner photo: Eagle’s-eye view over the Sierra Nevada, the homeland of Travel and Therapy, here the Calar Alto in the Sierra de Los Filabres.


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